Hi There!

Hey, I’m Rosie and soon I’ll (re)start my new blog here🤘🏼

Currently, I’m taking a year off before I’ll go back to the uni and I felt maybe I should start blogging again. So here we are, my new blog – new design, new direction, new goals and new life.

This platform will be perfect to share my thoughts and receive other’s too, spend more time with my interests like Art, Fashion or Photography – a bunch of other stuff what I love – explore new territories and find out where to lead my life. That is why I love blogging – it’s so much fun and also quite useful, it depends on yourself what do you want to post; recipes, photos, art works, just thoughts or whatever. It is easy and fast, furthermore a good platform to meet with the people who are interested in the same things like you.

What I plan to share with the world?

“Let’s get this work…” – I’m not a journalist, however some of my friends advised me to do that as a good and fitting carrier option because I love writing. I love researching, then rethink the given topic, add some own opinion and write it down, let’s see what will happen…

“Hobby Career/Career Hobby” – I was an art student since I was 7 years old until my early 20s. So what is work for me and what is hobby, they’re close to each other, many times they’re in the same bubble. I still have art and design based projects, just as fashion based ones. My previous projects are already uploaded.

“Theme song” – I’m into many things beside Art&Design, Fashion and Photography. I’m interested in lifestyle, healthy eating, psychological and sociological questions, I care about the younger generations, also talking about gender and sexuality based topics. I am enthusiastically interested in behaviourism, how the people think and work, not biologically, psychologically – how we change and develop day by day just because of the external influences and the effect of the social media.

After all, I’m looking forward to a long, colourful and adventurous year, full of with new and old things, meet with new people, spend more time with my friends and try to change the world with my bestie as we promised in the end of the high school. I hope I see you here sometimes, often or almost everyday😁

#dream #love #style #freedom  #rocknroll



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